Diesel Love Stories

20 years of tales, triumphs, tidbits and tragedy, as shared by you.


First of all – Congrats on 20 years! I think you have done an amazing job creating a coffee spot for all. As, a coffee lover, I have introduced many a friend to your very fine establishment.

My story is not really totally my story but my perspective of the situation is what makes me write today.

I am one of the owners of a hot tub and massage establishment called Inman Oasis in Cambridge. I am also a massage therapist. Massage therapy is a profession wherein you can often get to know your clients well- what they go through and how they tick. One of my amazing clients, Lehua, who had moved to San Francisco the year before, was back in Boston on a mission to write (for her PhD). During this multi-month period back in 2012/2013, she practically lived at the Diesel as she wrote and wrote and wrote. As she had been coming to me for years, she wanted to know if we could meet for coffee, as I had been dealing with an injury that kept me from doing massage at the time. In our conversation, I was struck by her expressing how as she was getting older, it was getting harder and harder to find people, in the dating world who wanted to and was able to connect. I have loved so many of our conversations over the years. This woman is smart, deep, introspective, intuitive, kind, gentle yet fierce in her convictions and strong. She is a true gem. My thought were-how on earth has anyone overlooked her?

Meanwhile, back at the oasis (Inman Oasis), a massage therapist, whom I have known for a very long time (even before I hired him to work for us), was doing some soul searching himself. He was looking into Yoga teacher training and processing his martial arts life as well as wondering if and when he might find love. He spent a lot of his time caring for his dad, after his mom passed away, which took up some emotional space but he and I had just been talking, not days before my meeting with my client, and he opened up about how he was becoming ready to open himself up to another person- even though he had no idea where he’d find someone. We chatted candidly about his past experiences and personal reservations. 

So, in my coffee chat with Lehua, I had an ‘aha’ moment and felt bold in saying to her- “I think I know someone that you would find interesting” I can’t say if it would be a dating match or not but I have a feeling based on what I know about the two of you, that you would, at minimum connect on some level. She replied that she was open and I said I would talk to him and see if he was open as well. She gave me permission to give him her phone number.

I returned to Inman Oasis and saw this massage therapist, Jeremy, the next day. I told him, I thought I knew someone that he might be interested in meeting. He was a little joke-y at first about it all but when he listened to me talk about her, he seemed to have second thoughts and he also, acknowledged that the jokiness was more nervousness but that ultimately, he wanted to be open and so he said, yeah, he’d take her number.

I left it at that.

About a week later, I was home doing laundry when I heard my phone ring.  I was in the basement, folding and I thought, ‘I’ll get to that soon’ (being a small business owner, you kinda gotta check your phone pretty often). 1 minute after the first call, I heard the phone ring again. I thought, oh boy, something is going on at work, I better check. So, I went upstairs and listened to the 2 voicemails sitting waiting for me on my blackberry phone. It wasn’t work. The first call was from Jeremy, saying how he had just left the Diesel Cafe where he had his first date with Lehua and how it was such an amazing time and he thanked me profusely for introducing her to me. He said, he felt so inspired that he felt like the first thing he had to do was call me and thank me. His voice sounded serene, sweet and buttery.  The second call was from Lehua. Jo, she said, ‘I just met with Jeremy for over 2 hours at the Diesel Cafe and I am just amazed by him. Thank you for connecting us and having your intuition. We already have a plan to meet again and I feel very good about it.’  Her voice sounded grateful, warm, happy. 

The first call was from Jeremy, saying how he had just left the Diesel Cafe where he had his first date with Lehua and how it was such an amazing time and he thanked me profusely for introducing her to me.

During the next few months they dated, but then Lehua had to go back to San Fran. But the connection was strong, and pretty soon, Jeremy was looking to take time off to visit her. Then, she would come visit him here. Eventually, Jeremy moved to San Francisco and a little over 2 years after they met, Lehua and Jeremy were married. My partner, Jenny and I attended the wedding in San Francisco and Jeremy and Lehua had me speak at the reception as the person who introduced them. It was a beautiful wedding steeped in some Hawaiin traditions. 

The Diesel Cafe was where they had their first date and where Lehua had practically lived during her time writing. 

If you put something in their coffees or teas that fateful day, it worked!The Diesel Cafe is loved and sparks love! Congrats again on 20 years. You are an inspiration ! 

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