Diesel Love Stories

20 years of tales, triumphs, tidbits and tragedy, as shared by you.

57 Years of Memories

The hardest part for me about writing this Diesel Love Story is that there isn’t necessarily a story: stories have beginnings, middles, and ends. I’m an English teacher now, I get to know that. And my story, of the real, meaningful, lasting friendships that came from working at Diesel Cafe only has a beginning (and maybe some rising action). Also, the word “story” is singular. I have 57 years of memories, connections, triumphs, and shame-filled moments all tied to this ridiculous place and the people who have called it a job or a home to even begin to be able to pick just one.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think that almost all of the meaningful relationships I have currently, as a post-college adult, all somehow stem from working at Diesel. Huh. Would you look at that! It seems I owe a great deal to this place and, especially, its people, for how I have grown and changed and lived for the last nine years. 

Because without Diesel, I would never have met most of the amazing people I’ve created amazing memories with. I would never have made some mistakes that allowed me to grow as a person. I would never have been able to take any career risks. I would never have realized that I can’t keep a straight face while shooting a music video parody. I’ve learned and experienced so much because of Diesel Cafe. For its goods and it bads, its zeniths and nadirs, Diesel has had a hand in so much of my life.

[Without Diesel] I would never have realized that I can’t keep a straight face while shooting a music video parody.

So I guess that my Diesel Love Story is continuous. It is ongoing. It is happening all around me, every day, in all the moments I have with my friends and community. Because, somehow, Diesel is what has made my life richer, fuller, (drunker), and more full of love and adventure than it ever was. And my journey continues.

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