Diesel Love Stories

20 years of tales, triumphs, tidbits and tragedy, as shared by you.

Slinging Lattes and Monkey Wrenches

Just before falling head over heals in love with the love of my life, I was lucky enough to be part of the Diesel family.  Slinging lattes and monkey wrenches along side some really lovely people made me feel at home in a new land.  To this day, I consider Diesel to be the best place I have ever worked for the people, the love, and the genuine appreciation for the work.  Also, because Diesel Cafe is where I met Chara. Chara and I worked together at Diesel on random shifts on occasion.  I always enjoyed her sensibility, style, and kind words standing beside her on the sandwich making station.  On New Years Eve 2003 she invited me to join her at the Clarendon house for the annual NYE party.  We had a great time, ended up in bed together, and the rest is history.  We have been married 15 years and have an 8 year old son.  

I can’t imagine any other life than the one with her in it.  Thank you Diesel!

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