Diesel Love Stories

20 years of tales, triumphs, tidbits and tragedy, as shared by you.

Group of Weirdos

Hello Diesel and happy 20th birthday!

I vividly remember when Diesel opened when I was a teenager and friends going to check it out on the weekends. I thought what is this place? I eventually became a customer, had a art show there then a few years later became a employee. To say Diesel has a special place in my heart is a understatement. I got the job there when I was particularly going through a really hard time and the timing couldn’t have been better. I was immediately welcomed with open arms into a group of weirdos that would become my family.

I was immediately welcomed with open arms into a group of weirdos that would become my family.

Midway through my Diesel career I started to attend hair school. Between school and work I would sleep on the back shelf on top of the sugar bags or below the coffee beans and scare the shit out of any one on the Cindy shift.  My closing crew were my life savers. I was exhausted and probably cranky but could instantly have a smile on my face while on the floor with some of the funniest people I now call my friends. Every Tuesday as we blasted the Dirty Dancing soundtrack while cleaning and  I knew I was lucky to have found them.

The friends I made at Diesel have changed my life forever and I can’t imagine life without them. I met art collaborators and band mates there. At one point 3 out of the 4 Electric Street queens were Diesel Alum. We even made a music video where if you look in the crowd there are A LOT of Diesel fam as extras. Thanks for giving me a killer community who I get to make music, art , dance and laugh with .oh and I guess the coffees pretty good too.

Happy birthday!Love,Cocohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuT5t5xafbc

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