Diesel Love Stories

20 years of tales, triumphs, tidbits and tragedy, as shared by you.

More Than Just One Story

I don’t really know where to begin for my diesel love story.  I guess it’s because it’s way more than just one story.

There’s a Diesel love story for Diesel as an employer. I never imagined I would work there and start living one of those queer lives I used to watch as a teenager. It’s a space where you can both focus on and serve an incredible cup of coffee and also sing Ellie Goulding on the sandwich line five minutes later.  Diesel was a safe space where I could explore my identity and feel supported, by literally everyone. I feel spoiled that my first job after school was one in which my coworkers, managers, and company all care about both each other and our communities so deeply.    

There’s a Diesel love story for the friends I’ve met there. I don’t think I was prepared for the intensity of love, kindness, and personality that would be my coworkers. There’s something about working a 8-hour Sunday rush together during Honk that bonds you to people for life. Even though a lot of us have now work elsewhere, my Diesel coworkers are those life-long friends and relationships that you dream about as a kid. 

There’s a Diesel love story for the love I’ve found there. At Diesel, I met and fell in love with the most incredible human I’d ever met. I don’t know if there’s a world in which Amanda and I would have had the incredible relationship we did without flirting over latte-art, scrubbing underneath the dish room sink, or chasing each other around with Wolf Shirt Wednesday tags. In Diesel, we had a common language and community, a common place to gossip about, invest in, and obsess over. In a lot of ways, we had already chosen the same family before we chose each other. Our love story was entirely built on the foundation of trust, safety, and hard work that Diesel set for us. 

My heart was torn out of my body and Diesel has been there from day one to start building it back, day by day. 

And there’s a Diesel love story for the grief shared there. After Amanda died, Diesel scooped me, my friends, my family, and my dog up into her arms. I don’t know what my world would look like after that without the support of Diesel–the company, family, and community. My heart was torn out of my body and Diesel has been there from day one to start building it back, day by day. 

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