Diesel Love Stories

20 years of tales, triumphs, tidbits and tragedy, as shared by you.

When Diesel was in Diapers

I first started working at Diesel when she was still very much in diapers. She was such a well-loved baby even though she never slept through the night during her first few years. She subsisted on bagel pizzas and breast milk lattes and left a royal mess to be cleaned up by the end of the day. 
But helping to keep her alive and thriving, alongside Tucker, Parky, and the rest of the staff, was so deeply fulfilling during the seven years I worked there. What a gift!
Now she’s all grown up, flourishing despite the injuries inflicted in the early years by the Friday Night Shift, and I couldn’t be more proud of who she’s become or more grateful to have been part of how she started out. 
Here’s to twenty more!

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